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010 [23 Sep 2005|03:59pm]
All prefectures to be on the highest alert. Any unauthorized personnel will not be granted access to the keisatsu hq.

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009 [13 Sep 2005|11:06pm]
Hokkaido's in chaos now. The people are looking to me for an answer which i apparently do not have any, although i have to pretend i do.

The battle's over but not the war.
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008 [13 Sep 2005|11:04pm]

All officers to be on highest alert, with regards to the latest bombings of the keisatsu HQ in Hokkaido. Tokyo may be next.

Let's not get careless.

The keisatsu condemns all acts of violence.
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007 [16 Apr 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I am not happy at all.

I have not been getting any reports from the officers. The last time i received a report was on the 4th of April. This is very frustrating if the keisatsu is to make progress in cracking down on the yakuza.

I want reports in by the end of next week. If not, be prepared to come down to my office for an individual talk which i can assure you will be far from nice.

You have been warned officers.

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006 [16 Mar 2005|02:37pm]
Although there has been little activity over at the yakuza side, i strongly advise all keisatsu to be on your guard at all times. Let us not get careless.

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005 [06 Feb 2005|07:05pm]
I'll be away for a short conference for this week. I've left instructions for all of you, so please follow up. Kirihara will be in charge temporarily.

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Hirai-san, Youhei, KouheiCollapse )

Till then, continue to keep up the good work officers.
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004 [24 Jan 2005|07:54pm]
First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Kirihara-san to the keisatsu. Welcome.

Currently, I need an update from every officer as to who your progress on your various case is, especially so from Fuji, Dan, Hirai-san, Youhei and Kouhei. Get back to me asap.

I would also like to formally announce that all investigations on the murder/assasination case will be stopped immediately and ceased with effect from today. Dan, I would like to meet you as soon as possible.

FujiCollapse )

KiriharaCollapse )

I would like the updates to be done as soon as possible. I will only be giving two weeks.

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003.5 [10 Jan 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Just to add on to my earlier post, Fuji-san, thanks for bringing up the problem of not having a partner. I'll reassign a officer to be your partner asap but due to the current lack of available manpower, you'll just have to work alone for now. I hope you understand. I can help you along if you encounter any difficulties.

All KeisatsuCollapse )

Keep up the good work officers.

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003 [09 Jan 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Finally, there has been at least some breakthrough in the murder case. Well done Dan.

Welcome to the force, Hirai-san. I apologize for not extending a warm welcome to you earlier. I hope you don't mind.

With regards to the recent rumours at Sour Candy Pop, i want them checked out immediately. As such, i'm reassigning various duties.

For Hirai-San, Youhei and Kouhei onlyCollapse )

Fuji onlyCollapse )

Dan onlyCollapse )

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002 [07 Jan 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I have to take 2 Panadol Pills now before i can go to sleep.

This is simply intolerable. Another of our police officer got shot in the line of duty. Fuji-san, i am sorry for what happened to your partner but rest assured we'll apprehend the larger danger lurking behind.

I would like everyone to finish their part before coming for first meeting which will be held at a confirmed date:

Youhei and Kouhei-- There have been reports of a certain man Keigo Atobe wielding a gun in a local store 'Sour Candy Pop' as well as talk of him being involved in some prosititution. Check it out and come back with a detailed report. A compilation of various leads has been filed already and a copy is ready on each of your desks.

Dan-- More clues need to be gathered for the murder case. Leave no stone unturned. Check all surveillance tapes for suspicious characters. I'll review them with you personally if you are unable to find anything new.

and apparently, someone has been trying to hack into the keisatsu internal server. As such, i have drawn up new guidelines for storage of sensitive information.

All Keisatsu Collapse )

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001 [09 Dec 2004|09:57am]
[ mood | blank ]

This is simply not good. The Yakuza have been striking repeatedly again. The worst thing is that we still have yet to find any clues from the murder scene.

Either the murderer is too good or my men are incompetent. I would like to think that it's the latter. At least that is within my control.

The terrible headache's killing me. The public's been demanding some form of explaination which i cannot offer.

It's time for my men to STOP slacking and work right on it. Meeting.

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